Shades of Gray... or black

Decisions decisions. I have a lot of renovation decisions to make very soon, Keating's room, our bedroom, our bathroom addition... yet the color of the kitchen cabinets will not get out of my head!

I have images of black and gray kitchens swirling in my mind, my email inbox, my photos folder. Its out of control. I like that black is classic and I feel like gray kitchens could end up being a fad, but every time I see a pretty gray kitchen, my heart is happy. Either one I choose will be accented with a shade of white to help lighten up the space. Here are some of my inspiration photos.

The Lettered Cottage

Gorgeous gray and white

I love the shelf under the cabinets.

new project contemporary kitchen
One of my VERY favorites

What do you think? Gray and white or black and white??

And just to refresh your memory of its current state
Things to keep in mind.
*The cabinets above and to the right of the sink will most likely be taken out and open shelving will be put up
*The backsplash will eventually be changed to something lighter
*PLEASE disregard the clutter. Its not ours.

Thanks for your comments and opinions!


  1. i usually go for dark cherry wood...but those black and grey cabinets are AMAZING. i need them.

    and i think you could totally do the grey you love...and when you decide to sell, making them black would be super easy.

  2. I don't have any clue about decorating but you chose beautiful inspiration and I sure am inspired to cook!! :)

  3. My mother in law just had her kitchen redone & she went with black cabinets & they are STUNNING!! Her kitchen looks amazing & I would redo ours if I could.

    I say go for the black & you'll be as happy cooking in your kitchen as you are when you look at the above photos.

  4. I love all of those kitchens! I think you should just go for that gray- you love it! Since gray is a shade of black, it still seems classic to me... :)

  5. I love those baskets in the cabinets and in that island!

  6. I have never commented before but I love the potential in your kitchen and wanted to offer some suggestions. The current kitchen has 2 of the 3 colors that you are drawn too, black and grey. I know that they are not in the places where you typically see them (backsplash and countertop) but what if you shifted those inspiration pics around and applied that to your current space? You could leave the countertops, paint the island base black, leave the backsplash and paint the rest of the cabinets white, or a pale pale grey/white. I think it is worth considering! (Not that you haven't already!) I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great, I enjoy following your blog.

  7. I love all of the gray and white! I really do like the ones that have a gray cabinet on the bottom with the dark countertops (are you keeping those?) and with the white ones on top! I just love that look!
    You are making me want to move.
    Oh and Charlie wants me to move to Windsor Oaks. thought you might get a kick out of that!!!!

    WE MUST catch up soon... VERY SOON. I need to pick your brain about A LOT of things!

  8. With the dark granite countertops and black appliances (assuming you're keeping those), I'd definitely do grey cabinets. But I agree - try the black on the base of the island! Girl, this is going to look SO good. White tile backsplash?

  9. Love all of those kitchens! I think the grey with the white will look great! I say just go for it!

  10. I love everything about the first photo especially the black cabinets accented with the white island. I love gray but I agree, it might be too much of a 'fad'

  11. I don't think you're going with anything too trendy that will quickly look outdated. I love designing and decorating and my general rule is that if I absolutely LOVE a particular design or element I want to add then I do it and I'm ALWAYS happy I did! Go with what you love and you will not be disapointed.

  12. We are about to start building a house & I am LOVING your inspiration photos! Please share where you are finding your ideas because I have looked & looked & not found anything I like as much as the photos you have posted.
    Good luck with your decision. I really like either color & with your taste whatever you go with, it will look great!

  13. I have to say I'm obsessed with the gray & white in the first picture. I'm also thinking I might need to hire you as my interior decorator when we move back to Atl!

  14. Hi! I just found your blog after chatting with Kate at Southern Belle Simple. It must be fate that I found you because a year and a half ago I painted my oak cabs black (did the island cream) and love it! I did it myself and it was a long and tedious process as I sanded between every coat but I love it! I also added some trim molding, marble backsplash and countertops too which really updated the room. One day, I will get photos up on my blog to share my renovation. So glad to have found your blog, especially another Atlantan.


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