The Birthday Boy, Let him eat cake!

Sorry these are so delayed. This week has been full of house stuff, job interviews, and me rushing to finish Blue's 1st year photo book before shutterfly ended their sale. Also, my very favorite camera lense broke RIGHT after we took the photo below... sadly there are only mediocre photos of the day.

We started our day out with Keating's baby dedication at church. This is something that you are really supposed to do before your baby is a year old. But I dropped the ball on this numerous times and we kept missing the cut off date. Alas, Keating was dedicated exactly a year after he was born... which I think is pretty cool. He looked really snazzy in his outfit that his Shonnie bought him. I decided that the outfit I sewed wasn't dressy enough for the occasion. Yes, Lola is in the background eating sticks.
I really slacked off on party decorations, Keating didn't seem to mind. This is really the only photo of decor I have since my lense was out of commission. I found the high chair at goodwill for $7 and fixed it up. I think the red makes it really fun!
Family and a few friends came over to watch Keating smash his face full of cake. I decided to just make a smash cake, {bogo Sarah Lee cake mix jazzed up with homemade almond buttercream frosting.} The adults had cupcakes.

Can you tell he just hates eating?? HA!You'd think he would at least smile a little bit since he was shoveling cake in his mouth... not so much. Too overwhelming I guess?

"It's okay John, I've got this all by myself!"

When you have this much food flying around, you gain a lot of four legged best friends!

Since the weather has been so nice here, we ventured outside to take Keating's last monthly sticker photo. He is hardly in to taking the photos anymore... about as much as Lola is. This is as good as I got of them together. When I attempted to take his photo by himself, he realized the fun of finding sticks and rocks and trying to eat them... Boys will be boys right?

He is also done with wearing the stickers, and has realized he can pull them off... and eat them.

Then tried to stick it back on!

Over all, it was a great low key day. Next year we will have a big shabang, but this year it was perfect. I still can't believe my baby is ONE! The number one has brought along a whole new bag of tricks, but I won't go into that now.


  1. The pics are still gorgeous! I LOVE that red highchair! We had a low-key 1st bday for Lidia too... it was perfect for us but this year will be different! Happy Bday Keating!

  2. Man, he really got into that cake! Glad he had such a happy birthday! He's so, so cute.

  3. Way too cute - he's growing up so quickly. Sorry to hear about your lens, but I hope you're back to taking lots of fun pics soon.

  4. I love the last photo of him & the sticker......Happy Birthday to your little guy!!


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