Working Mom??

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been posting so sporadically lately. I usually get in a little blogging during nap time, but the past few weeks my nap times have been filled with other ventures.

Venture #1
My NEW AND IMPROVED photo site!!!

Please offer your opinions!! It is still in the beginning stages and just getting this far has taken a lot of time. Hats off to all of you blog/ web designers out there. All of the html jargon is exhausting!

Venture #2
I have a new photography facebook page! Once again, still in the early stages... but I would appreciate if you "like" me!
Facebook Page

Venture #3
Job hunting...

Unfortunately, it seems that my time as a stay at home mom is coming to an end. I haven't wanted to mention anything, because I tend to think that if I avoid something, it wont happen... Mature, I know.
It has taken me a few weeks to come to grips with this. I LOVE being a stay at home mom. I am so thankful that I have been able to stay home the first year of Keating's life, but living on one paycheck just isn't cutting it anymore. At first every time I thought of leaving him during the day, the tears would flow and I would get a huge lump in my throat. Now I have actually been able to move on to job hunting and searching for childcare. Am I happy about this... umm, no. But I will do whatever my family needs me to do, and that is find a job to help support our family.
It probably seems a little confusing that I am promoting my photography right when I am trying to go back to work. Well, here is my reasoning. Right now, photography doesn't pay the bills. It isn't steady, and until it is {if ever} then I have to find something else to do. Make sense?

Do any of you working moms have any valuable information or suggestions? I know this is going to be a very hard adjustment for Keating and me... {Fighting back the tears...} I would appreciate any tips you have or if you have been there and feel my pain, then you can commiserate with me!


  1. wow I am super impressed with your photography website!!!

  2. I used a site that you buy the template from them, but it was still tricky to figure everything out! Its also wordpress based which I know absolutely nothing about.

  3. My heart goes out to you ...I have never been a SAHM and im trying to build my ETSYshop this year so maybe that can happen ...until then living by NYC we have no choice but to have 2 paychecks ...this economy sucks but I hope your photog biz takes off so you wont have to be working too long !

  4. just looked at your site.. LOVE the baby pumpkin! how sweet and tinnnny!! love your work!

  5. I am a working mom, and leaving my baby at daycare was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but with time it got better, he is 17 months now. I have formed relationships with the daycare teachers and I really feel like they love my son. I see SO many benefits now (physical and mental development) from him being with other children all day and having a structured learning environment. I miss him terribly every day, but I know I am doing what is right for all of us. Good luck with the job hunt!

  6. Your site looks great!

    Going back to work will be tough at first, but each day it will get better. Now I see work as a time for myself. and with Keating being a year old going into childcare, he will be fine. His immune system is much stronger at a year, and he will learn so much from the other kids. It's quite amazing...they pick up so much from other babies.

    Good luck on your photography venture. Your work looks great!

  7. LOVE your new photography site =) and i'm crossing my fingers you find a job you like, so you can have fun every day coming home to that handsome little boy of yours!

  8. Everything will work out & I just know that you will be home again very soon with Keating since I have NO DOUBT that your photography biz will soon be keeping you busy as well as helping with the bills!

    Good luck!

  9. Going back to work and having to leave your child in the care of someone else is just so hard to adjust to. My daughter is 16 months and I still wish I could be home with her more during the week.
    Financially we COULD afford for me to stay home but we wouldn't be able to save for her college, take her on vacations or afford the beautiful, brand new, much larger home we just moved to. Most likely my daughter will not have to take out any school loans for college, not have to know what it's like for her parents to have to scrimp and save every penny just to get by...
    I try to make up for our lack of time during the week it by sending her to a truly awesome daycare and spending all my time with her on the weekends. We go to gymboree or the library or swim class and the weekends are our uninterrupted time together.
    Don't get me wrong, it still bothers me alot and there are days I just want to quit but then I think about the long run and my family is so much better off with me working.

  10. I just went back to work and my baby is at daycare. It was SO hard at first but I promise that it has gotten easier. We found a school for him that we love & his teachers are wonderful. That makes it much easier on me:) Good luck with the job hunt!

  11. I can't wait to be a SAHM mom myself, but we have bills to pay in the mean time. I understand your predicament. I hope you find a gig you like until you can do what you really love.

  12. I was a SAHM for 5 years and when my youngest was 1.5 yrs. old I had to go back to work. I won't lie it was very painful for ME. I was lucky enough to afford a nanny who came to our house and do school pick up. I have now worked off and on for the past 2 years. Once again I am back to work and my youngest is now in preschool 5 days a week for 7 hrs. It was hard for ME and HIM this time but after a week we got into the groove. I still prefer to be at home and working part time gives me the afternoon with my kids. Best of luck on this journey. You seem to have a great family and that will me a world of difference!


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