Hey Santa Claus

We have been waiting to take Keating to see Santa until this week. For one, Brad was going to be home this week, and two... I was hoping his stranger anxiety would calm down a little bit. We had planned on just taking him to the mall, but we found out there was a Santa right around the corner, and he was free. Score!

This older couple {Santa and Mrs. Claus} transform their home into a winter wonderland every Christmas. Mrs. Claus welcomes people into their home to see the massive collection of holiday collectibles including a Christmas village and countless Santa figurines that they have collected together over the years. Santa is out back in the "workshop" where people line up nightly to sit with this local legend.

This was Keating's initial reaction. He flipped out, just like we figured he would.
Poor Santa, I told him he was going to scream so he tried to bribe him with Rudolph. Keating was not impressed by Rudolph! Needless to say, our trip to see Santa was very short lived, but I got the priceless photos that I was going for. Maybe next year he will understand a little better and get excited to see Santa.


  1. Poor kid ...lol....i dint even bother takinmine....hes about the same age and i think he would do the same thing. My daughter is 3rd and still afraid...LOL

  2. Oh my goodness...so cute/funny/sad. Poor guy! I'm sure next he will appreciate Santa much more. :p

  3. Awww....that is soo cute/sad!!!

  4. Ummm, yeah. That was pretty much the same picture we got of our daughter too! Gotta love Santa!!

  5. he's so precious! hope your holidays were amazing!


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