Happy Halloween!!

Sorry for my lack of posting lately. I have been feeling a bit under the weather, and speaking of weather... we had a tornado go over the house last week! It happened so fast that we didn't even really know what was going on. Brad was on the porch and saw the clouds start circling around. Before we knew, it the fence was blowing and it got REALLY windy. By the time we realized we should head to the basement, it had passed. We never heard the typical train sound, it just sounded like we were in a wind tunnel.

A minute later there were trees snapped in a straight line down the street and the neighbors tacky halloween decorations were scattered around the neighborhood! Thankfully, it wasn't a big tornado, but still neat to witness that. I have always wanted to see one, I just always wanted to see it from further away!

Keating had a great time trick or treating. Well, he didnt really trick or treat, we just dressed him up. He was a brave little lion. I think he is the cutest lion I have ever seen!! He wasnt so sure about the fur around his face.

His friend Gates came over to compare costumes. Lions and tigers!
He's a mama's boy!

With his cousin "Cinderella"

and with his "Auntie"

I can't believe it is already NOVEMBER!


  1. awwwww love the last pic, yall look so happy and your boy is adorable!


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  3. He is legit the cutest lion ever!!! :-)

  4. Such good pics... and such a precious family! Cutest little lion ever!

  5. what a precious lion!!! and glad the tornado wasn't TOO close!


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