My Blog Must Reads!

Honestly, I started blogging because I was bored at work. True story. I could spend countless hours reading blogs about people's lives, how they dress, their favorite online shops, how to's on crafting, and how they decorate their homes.... etc. etc. etc.

I have learned a lot of things through other bloggers during my short stint in the blogging world.

I have learned to bake the most perfect chocolate chip cookie and tried countless new recipes. I learned to sew and sewed quilts, baby bedding, curtains, bibs and clothes. I began clipping coupons because I saw the great deals other women were getting. I was taught about baby reflux, baby wise, cloth diapers, and homemade baby food. I feel confident that when we move I have the skills to install my own crown molding due to online blog tutorials.

Basically, blogging is awesome.

It is funny to think about how my blogisphere has increased. I started with light reading about fashion, crafts, cooking and decorating. Then came the baby and I became really interested in blogs about other young moms. I love hearing about their experiences, suggestions on products, books, toys and everything else baby related. Now that we are going to be moving and remodeling an old home, I am OBSESSED with decorating and DIY blogs.

Here are my current must reads in no particular order!

Urban Grace Interiors - If I could have anyone come and decorate my house, it would be Erica. Her taste is impeccable and her babies nursery is so original and glam!

Fly Through Our Window - This is Erica's twin sister Darby. She is an awesome stay at home mom and writes hilarious posts about her daily encounters with her gorgeous children. She also did an AMAZING house renovation that I am constantly going back to look at.

As the Foreste Grows - I've known Heidi for a long time now. We first met as "online friends" on a wedding planning board. After daily conversations and emails, it seemed silly that we had never actually met. We met for coffee once on a blind date per say, and really hit it off as friends. We were both glad that neither of us was a serial killer! haha! She has a great blog, and her adorable little girl is Keating's first true love!

Resolved to Worship - Talk about super mom! This blog is filled with the writer's incredibly gorgeous 7 kids. Yes, I did say 7! She has beautiful photos, great biblical posts, and she redid her entire kitchen for 15 dollars. Seriously!

Blue Eyed Bride - I love Blue Eyed Brides blog. It is usually the first one that I read in the morning with my coffee!

Design Dump - This is a new blog I found that I adore. It is filled with the writer's many home redo's with great decorating ideas. Gotta love a good decorating blog!

In this Wonderful Life - Megan was one of the first blogs I began following when I created my little blog. I liked that we both had Boston Terriers! She has faced so much heartbreak and tragedy recently, but has handled everything so courageously. Her faith is truly inspiring. If you haven't read her blog, then you really should!

Exploits of a Military Mama - This lady is amazingly brave. She has dealt with her husbands deployment with grace and humor. She also taught me everything I know about cloth diapering and answered my million tweets with annoying newbie questions.

Grace Happens - Talk about creativity! She had an AMAZING kitchen redo and was even featured in a magazine for it!

The Lettered Cottage
- If you haven't heard of The Lettered Cottage yet, then you must be living under a rock! =) Another great DIY home redo and budget friendly ideas and knock offs!

Design Sponge - A never ending source of home decorating glory

I know I am leaving off a lot of great blogs, so I may follow up with a future post!

**Also I have been getting questions on cloth diapering. I plan to answer all of those this week.

PS I am thinking about only allowing approved comments. I have been blessed with no blog drama, but I am sick and tired of the chinese comments that I cant even read. Thoughts?


  1. Thanks for the list! I've been reading blogs about a year, but am still amazed how many great ones people read on a regular basis that I've yet to find!

    I recently started blogging, and think I'm going to really enjoy it! Bear with me, I'm new at this, but if you ever want to check it out....visit lifeatcampdallas.blogspot.com.

    And approving comments could be a small pain, but if it saves you a headache, go for it! :-)

  2. My friend has the same problem with the chinese commenters--so strange!!

  3. I think it's a good idea to approve comments. As long as you don't have to put more time in the approving than in the actual blogging, that is :)
    I love reading you! Thanks for the great blogtips, I'll check them out!


  4. You have to check out younghouselove.com. It's my new favorite obsession in life! Seriously awesome decorating blog!

  5. omg, the chinese comments are THE WORST. and i'm totally a crazy decorating blog stalker now too =)

  6. Jessica, young house love is great. They have awesome ideas. I painted my bathroom striped after seeing theirs, except they made it look much easier than it was!!!

  7. I just love reading your blog! So does Paula... I even started my own blog because of you! I would read your all the time (and still do)... and think "now why can't I do this too?" Now I go to your blog every morning and just read your favorite blogs too! It really is a nice escape from work! Miss you tons!

  8. I agree.
    I love blogging and the bloggy worlsd.
    I have great friends :)

  9. Monitoring comments is a pain, but worth it if you are bothered by the strange spammy comments. I wish we could find out what the chinese comments mean!!! :-) Who knows what they are trying to tell you?!

    PS Hooray for blogs! 8)

  10. I loved this!! I really enjoying see what other people like to read and finding new ones myself!

  11. Yes and blogs put you in touch with the rest of the world.

    Travel all over the world and making friends all over the world is not possible. Just blog!

  12. Gianna misses her true love!!! I'm glad we decided to meet for coffee... even if our husbands DID think it was creepy HAHA

  13. thanks lady! you are so sweet!

    I'm finally getting back in the routine of reading blogs daily :)


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