So Long Breast Feeding

As of Saturday, we are officially done with BF. Am I sad? A little... Is it nice to wear anything I want and not have to worry about yanking my boob out? You betcha!
For those that have traveled this road, how long did it take for your ladies to return to normal? If ever? Mine arent bad, but they arent glorious either.
A few things I am already over with formula feeding... getting up at 5 am to make bottles is a pain. Its so much easier when the milk is readily available! Also formula is expensive. I am cheap and use the costco brand and that is still 10$ a week. But I cant complain, my baby is happy and growing like a weed now!


  1. You have more courage than I, how did you stop? Did you wean off or just stop cold turkey?>

  2. It took me about 3/4 days. I took Tylenol for the aches and Benadryl for the drying factor.

    You are an amazing Momma no matter how you feed your babe!

  3. I let them fill up for 2 days nursed one more time and then they were empty for good! Not sure if that the way to do it, but it worked for me!

  4. Nlvaden- we slowly weaned off because he was putting up a fight to nursing. The last feed to go was our 5am feeding. Ive had no swelling because it was drawn out.

  5. Mine took a couple of days before everything finally left....and I was so excited to be done with formula last month...only to exchange it for my organic milk for her...that's more expensive!!! I looked forward to her 1st birthday thinking I was going to come out on top! Not so! But they are SO worth it!!!

  6. It took my boobs probably 3-4 weeks to go completely back to their normal size & perkiness. I'm so glad he is such a happy baby now!


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