Hair help?

Friends, Im having some hair trouble. Last summer my hair looked like this... it is my natural hair color that my hair stylist added a glaze with a tiny bit of blond hair color to lighten it up. I loved it and it blended so naturally without showing roots.

She mentioned that I could go a little darker for winter the same way. Well I was itching for change and went for it. I loved the richer color! The brown faded out a bit and I figured for summer it would be great to go back to Exhibit A above. Except it didnt work.

After two attempts with two different stylist, I am left being a red head. My original stylist was booked up so I saw someone new & she took it upon herself to "warm" my hair up a bit. "Warming" my hair = red. I am not happy. I love red hair, just not on myself.
So this is where yall come in. Should I go back brown so that I am not a red headed mess or is there something that I can use to take the red out? Suggestions please!!!!


  1. If you find something that takes red out let me know! I am having the same problem!

  2. To be honest...I think that red shade looks FABULOUS on you!!! It really looks great with your skin! If you don't like it though, I think the dark brown looked amazing on you too!! I don't know easy it's going to be to get to that top pic with what you have but you can even get some lighter streaks in the red and that would be pretty too! :)

  3. If you get a stylist that is great at color correction, they could get you to a brown and weave some caramel highlights in to break it up and look more natural -however, anything you do with leave you with new growth. I do think you make a cute redhead though! Red fades fast if you don't take care of it so you could also just let it fade. :)

  4. I think you look fabulous! It will grow out before long, if you decide you would like to change it!

  5. I think the red looks great on you but I completely understand not liking something everyone else loves. So if I were to choose a different color for you I would definitely go dark. I LOVE it in the 2nd pic & your adorable shirt too!

    Best of Luck with your new color!

    Love the blog!

  6. I think it looks great, and to be honest I don't really think it looks all that red.
    If you want to go the DIY route, you can go to a beauty supply store and get some toner. Tell them you need to tone down the red and they will help you. If CVS is more your style, try one of the Garnier semi-permanent boxes in an ash brown. The semi-permanents won't damage your hair as much.

  7. If your hair went red, you shouldn't be a warm tone. Try a neutral or cool tone and that should take the red out. Although, I think it looks fine as is!
    P.S. Is your skirt from Target? If so, I have the same one and I get SO many compliments on it! I only paid $12 on sale... love it! :)

  8. I kinda like the red...its more auburn really, but nice! What if they just put a chocolate rinse in over what it is now? I did that last time to cover my highlights and it worked pretty well.

  9. The red looks hot mama!!! Just my opinion!

  10. I love the auburn highlights with your complexion- it looks great on you!!

  11. i think you should find a stylist who could bring you back to a medium brown color with maybe some very very soft and very blended caramel highlights. Very subtle but will give some dimension.

  12. Whatever you do .. DON'T go the DIY route with hair .. EVER .. The developer and color is really bad for your hair at drugstores (which makes it very unpredictable) and very difficult to correct. Medium brown or even that auburn base is perfect on you, but highlights would be great :) I'm pretty sure you look beautiful whatever you decide!

  13. i like the red! you could get some caramel colored highlights in it for the summer, then when fall hits dye it brown. something new, and summer is half over, so you would only have about 6 weeks before you could go brown again. :)

  14. I could always dye it for you like we did when you were in high school! :)

  15. Oh my gosh!
    I'm going through the same thing!
    I've been a blonde...kinda light...but for a long time.
    I moved here and then my hair kept turning red!!
    I had to go dark to get the red out!
    I found out it was meds that I was on that was doing it..
    But I will tell ya from experience: you keep going lighter...it will get redder!!
    sorry momma! Our light/blonde days are over! Ha! ha!
    if you find a solution let me know too...my hair is now your color too. DARK! I do like it-just getting use to it :)
    xoxo you look beautiful *


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