Keating's weekend recap!

This weekend the weather was GORGEOUS! We enjoyed lots of fun time, and of course I made Keating pose for photos that he will one day be embarrassed of! Oh well, that's what mom's are for!
I remember my mom there with a camera numerous times to capture humiliating moments and I turned out just fine!
**cough cough**, like when I got off of the big yellow SCHOOL BUS in 9th grade and she had a video camera and laughed at me because she MADE me take the bus! How heartless is that!?

By the way mom, I dont hold a grudge about that at allllll....

(In case you are wondering, that is the only day I took the bus... when she saw a dude that looked 30 with a mohawk on the same bus, she quickly changed her mind and said she would pick me up at school instead. )

Anyways, back to our weekend.

So. Stinkin'. Cute.

The first laugh I ever caught on camera! I just know he's thinking "my mom is crazy, but oh so funny!"

Its really hard to get yourselves in the photo using a zoom lense... I really need to get a new smaller camera, mine is MIA.

Picture time with daddy! Some people say they look alike... I dont see it?? KIDDING! Brad has a mini-me. Am I one lucky girl or what?

Brad was doing a little work on our lot. Keating wanted to take a ride on G-Paw's excavator, but he was too little.
"I want to be just like my dad when I grow up!"
Soakin' up the rays!Ahhh it feels so good!


  1. I think he looks more like you!

  2. He is so stinking cute! And why do babies always look like their daddy's? I did all the work and everyone always says.....awwww she looks just like your husband!

  3. Oh Can he is getting even cuter! How is that possible! I sure hope mine is a boy so they can be buddies! :)

  4. How cute is he? I love the overalls!!

  5. wow. these pictures just melted my heart!! he is SUCH a sweetheart!! And doesn't look like his daddy at all ;)

  6. thanks for letting me laugh again for the bus/video camera thing! we need to find that tape and watch it! The new pics of Blue made me smile! he is so cute I could squeeze him! love you!

  7. Wow! Love the first pic of little Keating. He seems so laid back and happy. Got to love that! :)

  8. I love that last pic of keating soaking up the sun!! It was fun hanging out at brunch today... see you tomorrow for our walk :)

  9. Keating is SO stinkin' cute!! And he couldn't look more like Brad if he tried ;)


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