Future lovers

The sweet Mrs. Foreste and Gianna came over yesterday for lunch and to meet Keating.
Of course we had to document the day they met because we are crazy obsessive bloggers and take way too many pictures of our kids. But also, because we want them to be buddies.

Keating was crying so Gianna was checking on him... she was quite intrigued!


  1. How sweet. I love how even at a young age, little girls love babies.

  2. How cute are they?!?! Makes me want a baby reaaalllll bad! :)

  3. I saw these pictures on heidi's facebook & about died! These are so sweet!! I can't believe how itty bitty Keating looks compared to G! They're totally gonna be southern lova's ;)

  4. I love him! And so does Gianna! You have to email me that first pic please. And Gianna is a little upset at Keating at the moment for stealing her purse toy ;)


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