Nursery Sneak Peak #2!

I finally have another peak at the nursery to share! Here is a look at the curtains I made for the nursery. If you follow any design blogs, then I'm sure you have heard of drop cloth curtains. If you havent then here is a quick description. If you have any questions, just comment or email me.
I made these curtains out of painters canvas drop cloths that you can buy at any hardware store. They are great because they are EXTREMELY affordable. Like 9.99 affordable! Their neutural canvas color coordinates with almost any room. They're also really large and pre-hemmed. The best drop cloths I found come from Home Depot because they dont have seams.
I prewashed and dried the canvas to soften it up (its really stiff straight out of the package). I used the 6'x9' size and cut it in half to make two curtain panels. Next, I hemmed the unfinished side. You wouldn't necessarily have to hem it, you could even glue it or use hem tape. (Dont think I didnt contemplate it!)

The 9 foot length was perfect for my ceiling height. I folded over and sewed a 4" section to make a pocket for the rod. You could also use the curtain rings with clips and call it a day.
I decided to move the curtain rod closer to the ceiling to make the window and ceiling appear taller. Since I was too impatient to wait for Brad to hang the curtain rod, I took it upon myself to drill the brackets in the wall. I hope they dont fall off! haha!
I thought that the curtains needed a little something extra and wanted to add a ribbon trim. Well, ribbon wasnt on sale at Hobby Lobby... so I found packages of $1.79 bias tape.
This is where I got lazy...I mean thrifty... I decided to use craft glue to attach the bias tape. Its not perfect, but it works! Just dont inspect it up close!

I didnt plan on making them have tie backs, but once again, they needed a little something extra. I have a TON of extra fabric from making the bedding, and used that to make ties.

I love the way that daylight is diffused through the canvas. They have the look of linen, which is a lot more pricey.We are still going to add blinds for privacy.

I like them so much, I may do something similar for my master bedroom!

My grand total for these curtains is..... drumroll please.....$15.79

I highly recommend drop cloth curtains!


  1. These are so beautiful, love them!

  2. This is great!
    I love the fact you use things around the home-and your so crafty :)

  3. Awesome! I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great job! You're so crafty!

  5. I love the curtains!
    You have an award on my blog! Happy Monday!

  6. they turned out great! I like the 'ribbon' on the inside hem!

  7. The curtains turned out great! I can't wait to see the nursery finished

  8. We used drop-cloths too for our curtains and i love it :-) yours look great! cant wait to see the rest :-)

  9. They look great! I just bought some drop cloths at Wal-Mart this week for the same purpose. Haven't tried it yet though. I do love the look! Your wall color is really pretty too. :) I'm visiting from Kimba's party. I hope you might have time to stop by. :) Here's my link: http://serenitynow4amanda.blogspot.com/2010/01/champagne-taste-on-beer-budget-or.html

  10. This looks so good! I did this in our family room. Without sewing or anything. I love that you added the trim.

    And Lola Lu is adorable. We have two. Rosie and Millie!

  11. Pretty neat idea. I should do this in the playroom - quit and easy.

  12. What a great idea! I can't wait to see the completed reveal of your little man's nursery. That wall color is soo dreamy and I love your trim. :)


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