Note to self

Dont watch childbirthing videos online...

That is all.


  1. Ha! Ha!
    I watched one of my best friends in her home, give birth....
    I tell her: That image is forever burned in my mind....she still laughs at me.

  2. haha!! I did the same thing. Kinda freaked me out but I was happy to be prepared! I liked the movie "The business of being born"

  3. haha in our class at northside they showed everything and it made me panicked -- until they told me everyone was doing it naturally except they showed the one lady who had an epidural and she was all "oh should i push now?" -- and I was like, sign me up for that.

  4. They actually make you watch one in birthing class anyway. It is not as bad as it looks! (I had lots of drugs)

  5. I love anything to do with childbirth! You will be fine! And I thought natural was way better than the epidural any day!


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