*Celebrity Crush* -John Krasinski

As Im curled up with Lola in our favorite chair, I realized that I have been holding out on all of you. I have a new celebrity crush, that I have not yet divulged...
We have recently begun watching the seasons of The Office from the very beginning. It has spurred my newest show obsession, (because its simply HILARIOUS) and also my newest celebrity crush. Yes, I realize that I am way late to the game, but John Krasinski is my new favorite star.

There's nothing better than a guy with a good sense of humor!
It helps that he's also pretty cute!

The Office just would not be the same without him.

He may or may not have also made a cameo in a few of my crazy pregnancy dreams... just sayin'.
Is that weird to admit??

Its okay, Im not ashamed!
He is just precious and seems so down to earth.

Happy weekend! Its FREEZING here!


  1. ME TOO! I pretty much only watched "Away We Go" to watch John Krasinski for two hours...

  2. Honey, I'm so with you. I love hims!

  3. haha!! he is hot!! it's cool that he has made appearances in your dreams, you can't help who shows up there! ;)

  4. I think my crush is on Jim Halpert, not so much Krasinski. Ah ha ha

  5. He's just so adorable!

  6. He was absolutely THE most precious thing in It's Complicated. LOVED HIM!


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