Christmas Countdown Begins!

43 days...

So I started Christmas shopping a little early this year, and then I fell off the wagon. Thus far, I only have gifts for my niece and my future brother in law. I have always been quite the procrastinator, but I really wanted this year to be different.

Well, it looks as if that isnt going to happen!

What do you get a husband that loves tools and manly stuff, yet doesnt really need anything?
Or a mom that has everything??
How about for a trendy yet picky sister?

Christmas is really about being with those you love and celebrating the day, but I always put so much pressure on myself to pick the perfect gift. Giving gifts makes me happy. I like seeing the recipients face when they open it up.

So my question is... what are some of your most creative gift ideas, your favorite online retailers, etsy sellers, anything you can think of?!

PS! Dont forget about to sign up for the Ornament Swap! Deadline is November 15th!!!
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  1. i am blocking out the fact that christmas is 43 days away...i have about 1% of my shopping done!!

  2. If you know anyone that needs a sling for baby, babyinafishbowl-an etsy seller has great priced BEAUTIFUL slings. I just bought one.

  3. well thanks for ruining my day! 43 days, REALLY? and don't get the Mom who has everything any gifts. I am getting the greatest gift in Feb!

  4. hmmm So I really hate to sound like the one that's on top of it!
    But my shopping is done! I started last month EARLY! it's not always like this believe me!
    I had a hard time with some people! Grandparents and his parents were really hard! But I got it I got grandma a pretty mug, and a picture frame and grandpa a puzzle book! He loves them! my husband I got him a couple tools *for building me things* =) and some other random stuff and we got a wii a while back so I had gotten him a couple things for that!
    Then I made most of my gifts also.. I made tooth fairy pillows for all four of my little nephews and tote bags and necklaces for my nieces and got my oldest nephew a shirt and pants, I got his mom hand soap and lotion from pier one and his dad some clothes, I also go as far as getting our close friends gifts! WHICH they all have kids now so that makes it alot more expensive but so much fun! I Love giving! I made a couple of them blankets and then I got the rest out fits or books! =)
    I don't do a whole lot of shopping online! So I don't however have a favorite in that area! But I do make jewelry, rice bags, tote bags, and tooth fairy pillows that are pretty darn cute if you are interested feel free to ask questions!
    Have a great day!
    -The Creative Housewife!

  5. I did a lot of my shopping at Macy's this year...it just was so easy, and I had a ton of gift cards, so I was able to use them! I know...I'm cheating!

  6. Hmm just one more quick question, did u make and wrap those presents yourself? =)

  7. Whoa, 43 days away is scaryyyy. I don't even know where to start with guys. That is miserably hard. I did however cover my mom and sister: Lilly Pulitzer wall calendar, Lilly Pulitzer agenda, and Lilly Pulitzer travel coffee mug. I also found these really cute wall vinyl decals that are chalkboards {adorable and cheap} at paper source.


    Happy Shopping! Hope you figure it all out!

  8. I'm donating money to charity
    (heifer International) for everyone.

    If you dont wan to do that, try monogrammed soaps or stationary!


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