Boston Part 2- more details

In my first post, I didnt exactly give much detail to what we did while in Boston. So this post, I will fill yall in on the details.

We flew into Boston on Wednesday and were greated by sunny yet chilly weather. We took the sub (The T) to the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. FYI Id recommend a cab because its pretty cheap and a lot less hassle.

After checking in, we decided to walk around, and just site see. We ate lunch at a pub called Kennedy's that was okay... but we were starving and didnt care! After lunch we did lots more walking and saw the Old North Church and parts of the Freedom trail... such as Paul Revere's house. In case you have never been to Boston, Paul Revere is like, THE MAN in Boston!

After 5 miles of walking (really, my mom was wearing a pedometer!) we decided to head over to Little Italy and check it out! We stopped by the famous Mikes Pastry for cookies and coffee, and to see what the hooplah was all about. Well, Mike knows his Pastry because it was delicious and worth waiting in the line that was out the door! We found a cozy warm pub to relax in for an hour before dinner. Dont worry... I was only sipping shirley temples!

We then ate dinner at a DELICIOUS mediterranean style Italian restaurant named Trattoria something or other. It was divine! After dinner we made a stop at another pastry shop Modern Pastry.

Yes, I ate like a fat kid and loved every minute of it!

Thursday, we decided that 7.5 total miles of walking was enough for one trip, so we decided to catch the trolley to see the remainder of the Freedom trail and other sites.
The trolley was a FAB idea!

We saw everything... Fenway park, old cemeteries, beautiful churches, and the old battleship The Constitution. Let me tell you that my mom and I just loooovvvvveeed this part... SIKE! (I bet you havent heard anyone use that word in a long time!)

My dad has a thing for old smelly battleships, and I have seen a ton of them in my day. Lucky for him B thinks they are just as sweet so he had a touring buddy. My mom and I were freezing an annoyed that we had to see, yet again, another old battleship. But we were troopers and did it for them.

For dinner we headed to the Union Oyster House. The wait was about 1.5 hours to get a table, but we waited and watched clips of balloon boy on TV until our name was called. Honestly, the food was okay... Ive had better seafood. But it was just one of those spots that you have to eat at when you go to Boston.

Friday we woke up really early and set off to see the cape. It was a HORRIBLE day to go to the cape. It was freezing cold, and raining, even showing in some parts of Boston. Apparently the cape also closes up for the winter and nothing was open.

We drove to Province Town, did a u turn and headed back towards Boston. We made a stop at a vineyard and the cute town of Chatham before we wheeled out of there though. Im sure the cape is much prettier during the summer. Maybe next time we will check out Nantucket or Martha's vineyard instead.

That night we ate dinner at the Bell in Hand pub. They had delicious mac n cheese, so I was very happy!

Saturday we were leaving, so we woke up early to see a few more things before we left. We strolled through the Boston Public garden, ate lunch at Cheers, and went to see Harvard (because you just have to). All of which were great. Harvard is gorgeous and so is the public garden.

Sadly, thats where our trip ends. We hopped on an airplane back to Atlanta. When coming into the Atlanta airport our pilot aborted the landing... so that was kind of scary. He blamed it on another plane still being on the runway... but I have my doubts.

Anyways, here are some more pics!

Norm and me, chillin' at Cheers!

Across from the Boston Public Garden (Christmas card picture? Maybe!)
Enjoying the fall leaves!

More fall leaves!

A lovely stroll through the park

REALLY strong winds on the cape!
My mom's hair looked hot after the wind storm!

Waiting for our trolley to pick us up

Waiting outside the cigar shop since the inside was smoke infested.

Taking care of the wild life in the park. Im pretty sure this squirrel had done this a few times!



  1. Aww, the trip sounds like it was so much fun! Love the pictures especially the one of your standing outside the yucky cigar store. haha

  2. Glad you had such a great trip. I love the Public Garden. I lived less than half a block from there.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. You can't go wrong in the North End and you defenitely hit all the spots. Next time come in the summer. It's a whole different experience!

  4. How fun! My dad is from that area, so we head up to Boston every summer. The squirrels will come right on up and take whatever you're giving them and then sit on their fat behinds and eat. It cracks me up every time! :)

    Next time, I definitely suggest taking the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard. My grandparents live there and it is the best place to spend time in the summer-absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Love the pictures and so glad that you had a great time!! Sorry about the cape...it totally is a ghost town in the winter haha...the summer is absolutely AMAZING and you definitely need to come back for it!

  6. Love the pictures and so glad that you had a great time!! Sorry about the cape...it totally is a ghost town in the winter haha...the summer is absolutely AMAZING and you definitely need to come back for it!

  7. Love love love your grey jacket. Where did you get it from?


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