1 week and Im Boston Bound!

I feel like we have been planning this trip forever! Last year my husband went on a trip to Boston with his guy friends and I was so jealous that it was a "boys trip." I had always wanted to go there, so I made him promise me that we could go sometime. Well that sometime is next week!

It is somewhat in celebration of our 1 year anniversary on the 18th, somewhat our last big trip before the baby, and somewhat just for the heck of it! I'm excited to see the city and do lots of shopping! I've also never been anywhere up north for fall, and I hear the leaves are breath taking. Hopefully we will be greeted with something like this!

So my question to you ladies is this... If you have any favorite spots in Boston, any good travel advice, must see spots, great tours, photo ops, restaurants... whatever, then comment them my way! I would love to hear them! Its great to have personal references on spots to check out and maybe some hidden gems that yall have found on your travels there.



  1. hey i live not too far from boston!
    you will love it!
    and i PROMISE you will be SURE to find a park, etc that looks like that! enjoy!

  2. I grew up outside of Boston-you're in for a real treat with your trip!
    Make sure you check out the shopping in Quincy Market! You won't be disappointed.
    I'd recommend seeing the JFK Library but that may not be your thing.
    Don't worry though you'll see tons of fall foliage. Make sure you get some local New England Chowder!

  3. HOW FUN!!! I've never been to Boston!! I'd like to go!

  4. That sounds so exciting!! It is beautiful this time of year!

  5. never been to Boston...
    but the leaves really look like that there?
    the fall time looks so beautiful.
    have a safe and wonderful time :)

  6. That picture was taken in Boston Common. I highly recommend a walk through the park. I also recommend Quincy Market and some wonderful Italian food in the North End. Don't forget to stop by Mikes Pastry after dinner.

    Enjoy your trip!!!!

  7. Sounds like our trip isnt going to be Weight Watchers friendly!

  8. I live in Boston now, in the North End, it's a really pretty area!

    I definitely second the recommendation for taking a walk through Boston Common/The Public Garden - and you also can walk The Freedom Trail, which starts at the Common. There's a line painted on the sidewalk, so it's very easy to follow.

    There's a lot of cool shopping on Newbury St. - very expensive, but it's always fun to look!

    As for restaurants, the big ones are Union Oyster House, which is known for the best clam chowder; and there's lots of great Italian places in the North End (and you definitely need to get a cannoli from Mike's Pastry, it's awesome!). I also love Sorellina, which isn't in the North End, but a great Italian place nonetheless!

    And you can also take the T to Cambridge to see Harvard's campus, which is nice to walk around.

    That's all I can think of right now, but definitely e-mail or send a FB message if you have any questions at all, I'd be glad to help!

  9. Love Boston!

    Definitely go to The Common/Public Garden.

    Union Oyster House is absolutely delicious.

  10. I'm from right outside of the city and you are going to have an AMAZING time! Newbury St. is amazing for shopping but Charles St (which is off of the commons) is also great...smaller than Newbury but is SO pretty and has small and unique boutiques. Stephanies on Newbury is great for lunch if you're shopping and def head to the North End...all of the Italian places are fantastic and Mike's Pastry is a must! I don't know if they're still running but even though they're kinda touristy, I always take my friends on a Duck Tour...they're a really fun way to see the city! Email me if you want more suggestions!


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