Haircut opinions please!

Last month I got my hair cut, and it is already that time again! I used to get a haircut every 8 weeks or so. I know, shame on me! But my hair is pretty tough and I never blowdry it, so it takes longer to get damaged. Well, taking prenatal vitamins has made it grow so fast, which means lots of money spent with my wonderful stylist. I love her... but I dont want to visit her that often! haha So next Tuesday Im going short. Well, short for me! I havent cut my hair this short since 2003. I hope it looks good!

What do yall think??


  1. It's an adorable cut and versatile. You can wear it super straight, wavy or curly. I likes!

  2. I LOVE it! :-) You're going to look so good!

  3. Short is SO VERY CUTE!!
    I wish I could pull it off...
    You'll look amazingly adorable!!

  4. Gah! I LOVE this haircut!!!!! Its adorable! It makes me want to cut my hair!!

  5. how ironic! My hair had been growing for about two years and was down past my shoulder blades. I got frusterated in all the rain and decided it had to go. I cut five inches off tuesday and actually went with a cut just like this, if not the same. Mine was a replica of Kimberly Caldwells choppy, funky short do mixed with Jessica Simpsons shorter cut. I love it, but I did shed a tear when she cut the strand of five inches off and it fell in my lap. GOOD LUCK! you'll love it!

  6. LOVE that picture! I hadn't had short hair in years until about two years ago and my stylist convinced me it would look ok and I haven't gone back to my long hair since. I LOVE Heidi's hair in that pic!


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