19 weeks!

* How far along?: 19 Weeks
* Total weight gain: Im not sure?
* How big is baby?: Apparently the size of a mango... which is smaller than last weeks sweet potato? My book says between 51/2" and 6" and around 7oz. He was 7oz. at our 17 week appointment, so we either have a baby thats a few weeks ahead or the book is wrong. Beats me?
* Sex: BOY!!!!
* Maternity clothes?: All pants and some shirts
* Stretch marks?: nope
* Sleep?: Good! It was cool here last night so we got to sleep with the windows open!
* Best moment this week? Picking up the crib, and talking about our plans for the nursery!
* Movement?: yep! I love it! I sit in weird positions to feel him moving!
* Food cravings?: Coke... as in cola. I used to NEVER drink coke, but I have had 2 in the last week.
* Labor signs?: n/a
* Belly button in or out?: In but looking different.
* What I miss: Sleeping on my back, without worrying what it is doing to my baby!
* What I'm looking forward to: Starting on the nursery! I love decorating/ DIY projects! I will post pics of all of the progress.
* Words of Wisdom: Maybe I need more wisdom in my life, because I've got nothing for this!
* Milestone: Realizing that I am almost halfway through my pregnancy! AHHH!

Is it a mango, is it a sweet potato?? WHO KNOWS!?


  1. Well if you need wisdom you should call me, I have lots! I love this shirt, you should go get the black one!

  2. hahah! No matter if it is the potato or the mango - you look great! You are so radiant. Very excited for the update. Congrats girl.

  3. You are so cute! Congratulations on your little boy! :) Time flies by so quickly..your little mango/sweet potato will be a basketball before you know! Enjoy!

    Have a great Monday!

  4. Cute post! Yeah I love the fruit and vegetable comparisons! Hope you're feeling great!

  5. Cute! Can't wait to see your ideas for the nursery! I'm sure it will be so cute!

  6. Your so cute :}
    I'm so happy that i get to see you get bigger and bigger with happines :)

  7. Could you be any cuter? I don't think so! So glad your sweet baby is on the way!


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