14 Weeks!

* How far along?: 14 Weeks
* Total weight gain: a pound maybe
* How big is baby?: A lemon!
* Maternity clothes?: Not yet, Im still holding out as long as I can. It will be pretty soon for my jeans though. The pony tail holder wrapped on the button is starting to pop off at times!
* Stretch marks?: no, still using my Mama Mio and hoping they stay away!
* Sleep?: Lately I havent slept very deep. Its somewhat restless. No idea why.
* Best moment this week? It isnt baby related, but hanging out with my oldest BFF and reading our old notes to each other from high school... oh the memories!
* Movement?: Still waiting to feel the little fish swimming around in there!
* Food cravings?: Tacos, sweet tarts, lemons, fall comfort foods
* Labor signs?: n/a
* Belly button in or out?: In
* What I miss: my shorts... none of them fit anymore
* What I'm looking forward to: September 16th! When we find out if its a boy or girl! and finally deciding on a name... hopefully soon!
* Milestone: Finding the most wonderful pair of Citizen maternity jeans!!!


  1. i love that you have a lemon in your hand =)

  2. That is such a neat idea! Have the "fruit" that is the size of the baby in hand. Way cool!

  3. I'm with you...none of my shorts fit me anymore, and it's still so hot out! Which totally sucks!!

  4. You look amazing! Are you holding the lemon to show the size of the baby or because you were craving on, lol!

  5. sadly my stomach is bigger than yours and I am not pregnant! haha...you look amazing!!!!

  6. and you saved all those high school letters? I am impressed. I will look for you some shorts today!


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