Weekend Recap!

Well, I can finally talk about my weekend. I couldn't even mention it last week because I was going out of town for a surprise party. My friend that we were surprising reads my blog, so I couldn't give away any hints!On Friday after lunch, B and I headed down to south georgia for my friend Janae's(far right) birthday. We met everyone at dinner and she was COMPLETELY surprised. I wish I would have thought to get photos of her reaction!

I had fun hanging out with my pregnant friend Katherine (middle). We enjoyed sipping our waters together and watching our friends enjoy cold margaritas. I got to finally meet my dear friend Laney's (right) BF. He is truly wonderful. The type of guy that you want all of your friends to be with. Im so happy for her!

We stayed up WAY TOO LATE that night. People in South Georgia are night owls. Let me tell ya! We were up until 1:30, which quite frankly, I havent seen in a very long time!

The next day we went to the lake and laid low. All of our husbands were there, but they were off doing manly things like playing cornhole and horse shoes. It was a very fun weekend! Im so glad we pulled off our surprise!! Janae when you read this, thanks for letting us stay at your awesome house!! We had a blast!


  1. I love surprise party's! sounds like it turned out perfect!

  2. I love my good friends too :)
    They are very precious, huh?

    I'm happy for you and your friends !!

  3. Ooh, sounds fun! Glad it was kept a surprise!


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