NEVER Again!

Will I buy something from ebay without insurance. A few weeks ago I won this pair of Seven For All Mankind maternity jeans.

I was so excited when I won them because I got them for 59.99! SCORE! But, not so fast. After waiting for 2 weeks, I received an email from the seller saying that the jeans had been returned to her. The bag that she had shipped them in was basically drug behind a truck, because it was ripped open and the jeans were ruined. She sent them Canadian post, which is obviously even worse than the USPS, and they havent given her any money back for them. She was nice and refunded the 59.99 for the jeans, but not the 15 bucks that I shelled out for shipping something from Canada I NEVER received. Then had the nerve to be rude to me about it. Think I have a case with paypal if I file a claim? Ive never had success with paypal claims. Experts... please help!

Instead of dealing with ebay again, I decided to go with the ever reliable Gap. We have tax free holiday here this weekend, and I also got a 30% off coupon code. I chose these because they had the cutest butt....or pockets. Hopefully theyre cute when the come in, or Im back to the ebay drawing board!


  1. ugh! that stinks, id still file a complaint with paypal. even if it goes no where, it cant hurt.... you might get all of it back.

  2. Oh man that is so frustrating. Anything where you can't get your money back makes me angry. Good luck sister.

  3. old navy has some really cute maternity clothes!

  4. I have been ebaying for 5 years- buying and selling. And I have come to find out that it is REALLY difficult to send and recieve things from Canada. So I generally do not sell to Canadian buyers or buy from Canadian sellers. Nothing against them, it's just that their customs takes forever and there isn't a way to track it unless you pay an obscene amount of money for registered mail. I would go ahead and file the claim with paypal just to see if you can get your shipping money back- as a seller, I had a buyer who wanted a refund and I ended up having to give back her shipping costs. So go for it! Sorry you had such a negative experience- I really love ebay (though I've had my fair share of negatives!!) Good luck, I hope you get your money back!!

  5. Oh no, how frustrating!!! I have been scoping ebay too for citizens and seven maternity jeans. I am glad to hear gap maternity jeans are just as cute.


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