Fall things excite me!

Its getting to be the time of year when I start getting hints of fall. I say "hints" because, well, its still 90 degrees here on a cool day, and its JULY. But there are the mornings when the air is a bit crisp and those evenings where its a little cooler and you just want to sit on a porch and drink a little vino (oh how I miss it so!) The stores are also beginning to sneak in their fall decor (this REALLY excites me!) Hobby Lobby is FULL of fall decor. This time last year I was on a first name basis with the workers at hobby lobby. I was there probably 4 days a week buying things for my wedding.

Since I got married last fall, I feel like I kind of missed out on the season. I was too hyped up gluing leaves to branches, searching for enough mason jars for my guests to drink out of, and tying raffia on silverware... and thanks to Missy in Pink, I NEVER would have gotten them all done without her. So, this fall, I am going to soak it all in! Sorry if you get sick of my fall related posts!

Check out these beauties that Pottery Barn has listed! Oh how I covet!
What a cozy dining room with a fire place!


  1. Fall things totally excite me too! Fall is hands down my FAV season so I am so excited that its on its way and stores are starting to show their fall things!

  2. I like Fall things too! Right now when I am sweating walking from my office to my car I have secret daydreams of it to be chilly outside and to be preparing amazing comfort food to take to football tailgate!

  3. I LOVE fall! We haven't had much of a summer here in Chicago, however. So I'm trying to push fall off as much as I can. I was in the good 'ol Hob Lob yesterday and Oh My GOODNESS they're covered in Harvest and Autumn goodies! I saw a lot of Christmas, too and I just had to get out of that aisle- it's TOO soon for Christmas. As much as I ADORE those seasons/holidays, I feel like summer is just whizzing by. Love your PB photos, I am headed over to their site to get a preview since I'm going to the store on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

  4. Veeeeeeery cute ;)
    Fall too, is my time of the year, I'm sooo happy to be alive ! So beautiful.
    I have even lil' mini bales of hay I put fake lil' pumpkins on :)

  5. Pretty, pretty, love it all. I'm so in the fall mood for this year already, even in this hot heat. I already bought my first pumpkins and gave one as a gift.

  6. I LOVE fall :-) especially Thanksgiving (because of the food) but also the weather and, you know, the decorations :-)

  7. You have got me all excited for fall... it is my most favorite season! I LOVE the pictures you posted, i want to walk right into the one with the cozy fire place!

    I will be stepping into fall soon September 1st in the UK! I wonder if it will carry the same feel as fall time here..we shall see...


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