10 Weeks!

* How far along?: 10 Weeks
* Total weight gain: None? I think? I have skipped the gym all week so I havent weighed myself! =)
* How big is baby?: The size of a prune (what a nasty comparison!)
* Maternity clothes?: nope. Although Im in hot pursuit of another pair of maternity jeans on ebay!
* Stretch marks?: nope!
* Sleep?: like a rock, except my 2-3 bathroom visits per night
* Best moment this week?: finding out that soon I will be able to feel the baby. Now what Im looking for I dont exactly know.
* Movement?: I dont think so
* Food cravings?: no cravings, but aversions keep on going. Chicken is not good right now
* Labor signs?: Way too early for that!
* Belly button in or out?: In
* What I miss: Red wine
* What I'm looking forward to: Feeling the baby move soon!
* Milestone: Finally coming up with a possible girl name.


  1. aw your little one is growing! :-)

    The first time I felt Jayci move I was all like "either that was a large gas bubble or Jayci just moved . . . "

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and love it! Too cute! I am a bride to be myself(November 14th!) and can't wait to hear your new baby adventures. I'm following now! Congrats on your pregnancy.

  3. congrats girl! what an exciting time!

  4. Enjoy it, it goes by soo dang fast! I'm 38 weeks and I can't tell you where the time went! =)

  5. Too funny! My best friend also had aversions at first, and one of hers was meat! She could eat fish, but no way could she eat chicken or steak.

    Happy 10 weeks! :)

  6. that picture of the prune you used looks like dog poop! I hope next weeks size looks prettier!

  7. Congratulations! From someone due with her second daughter any minute now (first EDD already passed, second EDD is tomorrow), enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. It certainly goes by SO quickly! It is such a wonderful time, and it makes me incredibly sad that my pregnancy days are ending. I love being pregnant, and I am so glad you are experiencing this joy!


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