Random Thoughts Day

Today I have decided to keep record of the random thoughts that go through my mind... here it goes!

8:18 Cant I take a nap on my desk? Would it be such a crime?
9:32 Hot cocoa is a God send, even though it burnt my tongue
10:08 Wish I had a gooey chocolate chip cookie... It may be a baking night
10:13 Why has it been so difficult to pick photos for my wedding album??
10:25 I wish I could figure out why my flowers aren't growing in my yard...
12:16 I really need to think of a business to start
1:01 Old friends make me smile
1:05 So does Chick-Fil-A
1:54 Poor Farrah Faucett
2:38 I really need to go to the gym today.... but I really dont wanna!
2:54 Still wanting to nap on my desk
3:00 Annoyed
3:43 UGH when can I go home?
3:58 Okay... Im going home!
3:58 Im sorry this was such a lame post!


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