stalking ashton kutcher!

So the past few days there has been a movie filming taking place in my neighborhood. I could have cared less at first because I figured it was something crappy and low budget. Low and behold its not a crappy movie and it is starring ashton kutcher and katherine heigl.
Here is the best pic that I could get. Can you see Ashton? He is in black pants and a white shirt right in the middle of the pic. This is as close of a pic I could get with my phone... they werent allowing pictures so I had to be sneaky. There was a rather scary female police officer with a boyish haircut... if ya know what I mean? She looked like she could kick some butt, so I didnt want to cross her. Then they made everyone who didnt live on the street leave. So thats as much stalking as I could do! He looked pretty hot from far away though!


  1. omg i'd die. looooove him :) and KH too

  2. Seriously, I've been really hoping to run into her since learning that they were filming around here so I could tell her that her TV character likely saved my life!!! I'm jealous!

  3. Ooooooooo J-e-l-o-u-s-e!!
    Stopped by your blog and now a follower..
    I'll tune in for an update! :)

  4. I wish someone hot and famous would drop by in my neighbourhood and film! The closest I got to a celeb was serving Cliff Richard. Oh, hes big but hes not hot!
    So jealous!
    Mia x


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