A new week

This weekend was crazy in more ways than one! On Friday my family had a crawfish boil... if you have never eaten crawfish, well you are truly missing out! While eating them, it started hailing like crazy. We had been boiling and eating the crawfish in the garage because of the rain, so needless to say all of our cars were parked outside, getting pelted by quarter sized hail. We all have nice hail damage and now get to deal with insurance companies. Joy!

Saturday my family took a day trip to the North Georgia wine country. I know what you're thinking "NORTH GEORGIA WINE COUNTRY??" Yes there really is one. Obviously it is nothing like Napa or Sonoma, but its a nice little get away for us Southerners! The wine is pretty good, but I can honestly say that I haven' t ever met a bottle that I didn't like! All of the wineries and vineyards are very picturesque and the weather was finally nice too.
The Three Sisters Vineyard and Winery

A hazy view from Wolf Mountain's Porch

My sister made friends with the Winery's dog Sadie at Frogtown

Our first tasting that morning... good thing we didnt take any after photos!

Sunday was a gorgeous Easter Sunday. We attended church at my Mother In Law's church where she is the pianist. It was nice to go to a small church for once. Then we had lunch with my hubby's family and had an Easter egg hunt at my parents house for my niece. She loved hunting easter eggs and all of the dogs were helping her find them. Actually, they were trying to steal them because they were filled with candy.
Sadly, this is the only decent photo of us from Easter (with my hubby's cousin jumping in the background)

My sassy pants niece, look at that hand on the hip!

Hunting eggs, she loved it!


  1. All those wineries are right by where I went to college...NGCSU!! Looks like you had a fun time :)

  2. Love the pics of the vinyard and winery! How nice and a LOT closer than having to go all the way to California.

  3. What a great weekend, love the pics!!

  4. I am tired just looking at those! I could have used one more day off for Spring Break!

  5. I love crawfish. And I love wine!!

  6. Oh such great pictures :-) Sounds like a fun trip - Adam and i will have to out there sometime!

  7. That sounds like so much fun! The pictures are so pretty!!

  8. looks like such a fun time! That is a great pic of you guys! I do get rather annoyed one someone jumps in what happened to be THE only good pic! ;)


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