My Tempting Target Friday

I ran into Target during my lunch break to grab one thing... ONE THING. It was nearly impossible to get out of the store with only one item because of the incredibly cute things!! Everywhere I looked I found something else that I had to have. Here are a few of my temptations.
I love seersucker!

I may have to go back to get this shirt, it was only 12.99

My store had this shirt in pink and it was really cute!

In the end, I only left with this awesome pair of sandals... and of course a few things from the dollar spot!


  1. Oooo these are all tempting me now!

  2. i ALMOST bought those sandals in the turquoise last week....and i too love seersucker.

    clearly, we are twins.

  3. Such cute stuff! Target is DANGEROUS! Glad we have those cheaper options though! I remember when we were growing up Target had horrible clothes! How times have changed!

  4. Target is seriously hard on the budget. I dont think I EVER get out of there for under like $50


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