Photo Contest

My friend Becca at TheStanleyClan just introduced me to a blog called IHeartFaces. I am probably WAY behind on this, seeing that I just became one of their 800 something followers. But better late than never! They have weekly photo contests with two categories. One is always kids, and the other is adult or other misc. themes. Next week is kids pouting and pets. I have gone through my many many picture folders and come up with these. I like #2 and #4. Which are your favorites?





  1. The first picture is so cute!!

  2. You can't go wrong with John in a tutu!

  3. I love #2 and 4 too . . .
    ps - you dont need to enter though - i dont need you beating me :-) haha jk

    I also love #1 though - that face is just fantastic!

  4. OH MY!!! I JUST ADORe #1
    What an adorable baby!!
    Hope u win the contest!
    Are we allowed to submit old photos? I have one I love of my 22 year old when he was three! haha

  5. I love 2 & 4, also. Well...they are all cute! :)


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