It's Monday Again!

Why do weekends fly by so quickly?? We had a busy but nice weekend. On Friday I had dinner with my parents while my husband was policing. I decided to join the Passport beer club at Taco Mac and enjoyed a beer called "Ron Burgandy." I love Will Ferrel so of course I had to try it!

Saturday I did some sign painting and played around with a few photo transfers and some of my favorite photos. I will post pics of those later. Later that night I hung out with my friend Missy in Pink and watching episodes of one of our favorite shows One Tree Hill.

Sunday was my niece's 3rd birthday party. I have never seen such an extravagant birthday for a kid... made my childhood self feel a little deprived! Just kidding Mom! =) The theme was Madagascar and they had a Madagascar bounce, a HUGE snake obstacle course/bounce that took up the entire yard, and a train. All of the kids were in pure heaven! Lola even liked going in the bounce and obstacle course, she's such a crazy dog!
Reece on the snake

Of all of the amazing toys and gifts she got, she liked the $1 windmill that I used as a bow on her gift the best!

Sampling the icing before everyone else!

Riding the train with my dad



  1. OMG I seriously LOVE One Tree Hill! Can't wait for the new episode tonight!

  2. please tell me there are pics of lola in the bounce!

  3. I guess I will be getting your deprived self a Snoopy Sno Cone machine for your birthday since you said you never had one as a child!


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