I Heart Faces: Week 12

This week at I Heart Faces, the photography challenge is Children: Pouting and Pets: Anything Goes. Here are my two entries!

Children Pouting- My niece throwing a little hissy

Pets: My dog John wearing a tutu. He's such a happy dog!
Head on over to I Heart Faces and check out the other entries!


  1. I am in love with her little chubby legs. And the bow + the expression = a perfect captured moment.

  2. Hi! I found your blog via i heart faces. Love the entries. That dog photo is the best!!

  3. I agree with Shanilie! John Boy is the stud! I sure hope he wins, can you imagine the energy he would exert if he did? ha ha

  4. Oh course these are fantastic. Dang it, why did I make you enter?! :-) oh i kid.

    i love you and your awesome creativity and photography skills!
    ps - if you really want a headband - I will totally make you one :-) let me know!


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