Blog Award!

My morning started out just like any other... I got up, got dressed (and look cute might I add) and headed out the door. All in plenty of time, no need to rush, I was going to be on time today! Sidenote: For those who may not know, I am constantly late and it KILLS my boss AKA: my dad!

I drive a Tahoe, a beautiful black Tahoe, that I love! Problem is, it hardly fits into my garage. Well, while backing out this morning, I hit the mirror on the garage poles and definitely destroyed it. Oops! I figure "how much can a mirror cost??" Apparently MUCH more than I thought! So that was that, and then I got to work and poor Lola felt a little queasy and threw up all over the floor.

Needless to say, that when I saw I was tagged for the Kreativ Blogger award, I was really excited! Thank you to my dear friend Missy in Pink for tagging me and brightening my day!

Here are the award rules: list 7 things you love, and then pass on to 7 bloggers that you love. Be sure to tag them to let them know that they won!

1. I love my wonderful sweet husband... who doesn't get mad when I back my car into things such as the house and other large stationary objects. =)
2. I love my silly family who I love hanging out with
3. I love my quirky dog Lola who is always doing something to crack me up
4. I love warm spring flip flop weather!
5. I love anything crafty... I keep a craft to do list so that I always have something to keep me occupied!
6. I love Red wine... or white wine... I basically love wine
7. I love outdoor concerts and festivals. It makes me feel like I live in a much smaller town than I really do.

*I tag*
Vintage Victuals - She makes the most delicious food!!
Green Magsterpie - Adorable
The Stanley Clan - I love her honest witty approach to family life
A Fraction of Love - Love her DIY wedding stuff!
Project Prom Queen - A friend that is starting a prom dress drive! Help her out!


  1. I found out lately that mirrors can be expensive - my car was hit late night in a parking lot a few weeks ago. Over $200 for the mirror but the dent/scratch goes all the way down the side of my car...

  2. You rock - thanks for the award!! I'm honored! :-)

  3. And aren't you glad that your "boss" can fix things like mirrors and save his "employee" money? ha-ha


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