My First Quilt!

This weekend was nice and relaxing. I had nowhere to be, nothing to get done, and I got to do whatever I wanted! Friday after work, I met up with two of my friends for red wine and mussels at one of our favorite restaurants. Afterwards, we went to see The Confessions of a Shopaholic. The movie was cute and entertaining, but I could have enjoyed it just as much once it came out on video than paying 9$ to see it in the theater. I may boycott the movie theater until there is a movie that I HAVE to see, because the past 3 that I have seen in theaters were honestly not that great. I do love Isla Fisher though, and a lot of her clothes in the movie were really cute! I love this jacket!
Saturday I began the final touches on my very first quilt. I am quite proud of myself and cant wait to start my next one. It will be given as a gift to a friend, so I cant divulge too much information about it on here until I give it to her!

I got the instructions for this quilt from the blog Crazy Mom Quilts. She has awesome step by step instructions for TONS of quilts! The name of this one is called "Ragged Squares quilt". When I picked it, it seemed like a very basic and beginner quilt. It was quite easy and I love the way that it turned out! I cant wait to try another one of her ideas! I decided to use Red, Black, and White for my Georgia Dawgs!

It is pretty small, probably a great size for a baby quilt. I dont think my little beginner sewing machine could handle anything much bigger!

A close up of the ragged squares.
Sunday I watched episodes of my favorite One Tree Hill online and gave my computer a virus. I guess it wasnt very smart to watch a show on a chinese site with chinese subtitles. My laptop is very sick now!


  1. I saw the movie too and completely agree. It was cute and entertaining but I would have liked it much better on my sofa.
    The quilt looks great and I love the bangles!!!

  2. Wow! It looks great!! Love it!


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