Handbags are a Girls Best Friend!

These little Cole Haan beauties were waiting for me in my gmail inbox today. I am having a VERY hard time saying no to them! I haven't bought a new bag in YEARS. My last new bag was a graduation gift 2 years ago. I think that I deserve one... RIGHT?! Please vote on your favorite! FYI: Silver and Red are two of my favorite colors, but Im thinking the silver would coordinate with more things, but I like the hardware on the red one better. Decisions, decisions...

EDIT: I decided to go with the red bag! I was in a time crunch because I was afraid RueLaLa would sell out, got it for a sweet bargain!


  1. RED you fool! That isn't even an option. Get you some new red shoes to go with it!

  2. oh good I was going to vote for the red one!


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