An Explanation... I hope!

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting much as of late. Life in our house is been VERY overwhelming.
2 Weeks ago I thought Keating was hitting a growth spurt. Yall know that he has had quite the little attitude since birth... well He was REALLY grouchy and wanted to sleep and be held all. the. time. We got a break for a day where the growing seemed to subside and then he transformed into a baby that wasnt only grouchy but PISSED AT THE WORLD!

He would SCREAM his little lungs out, and his whole body would tense up. I thought these were growing pains the first time it happened so we gave him a little Tylenol (generic) and the pain seemed to subside. Still something wasnt right... he shouldnt be acting like he is hurting so much. Growing makes you ache a little but not like stabbing pains.

On Monday he had another inconsolable screaming fit and I decided to take him in to see the Dr before we left for the beach. Just to be safe. (His normal Dr wasnt in, and I am so glad.) We arrive and he smiled and laughed for the nurses being quite the ladies man. They told me how sweet and happy my baby is... right! He was finally back to his typical self by the time the male Dr. came in. One of the first things New Dr says is "does he always fuss this much?" umm, yes. yes he does. He did a full evaluation and nothing was obviously wrong with him that he could tell. nothing. crap. He mentioned that maybe it could be reflux and to come back if it persists.

We drive 5 hours to Destin the following day and Blue was a complete angel. Our prayers for a peaceful car ride were seriously answered. Praise the Lord! But, when we got there was another story... He had another fit of screaming, tensing up, wouldnt eat because he was so upset. Our hotel neighbors loved us Im sure.
I started connecting all of the dots, and came to realize that he may really have reflux, that New Dr may be right. I had mentioned this to his previous Dr. and she dismissed my concerns saying "well babies cry and spit up sometimes" She made me feel like I was doing something wrong, or that I just needed to suck it up, and maybe he would outgrow this. Lady, just because I am a new mom doesnt mean that I am an idiot. I knew something was wrong and I should have been more persistent in getting it diagnosed. Note to self, dont let Dr's talk me out of anything ever again.

So to sum it all up, we left the beach early Friday morning so that we could go see New Dr again that afternoon. He prescribed Keating baby previcid to combat the reflux, if it is indeed reflux.

Is it wrong that I am hoping and praying that it really is reflux? So that I can look back and know the reason that he has cried so much over the past 3 months? So that I can say "no my baby doesnt cry all of the time because he is unhappy, he has reflux" I have been feeling like I wasnt doing something right, that there was some secret to having a happy baby and no one let me in on the trick. I hope to God that this makes my baby happy. That his smiles and laughs will be more constant and not here and there between fits and fussing.

Please hope and pray with me!

As for the cloth diapering... I just got my first 3 diapers in the mail. I am a little intimidated to try them out honestly. But Im going to get them figured out and I will start posting about them for those that had questions.


  1. Good luck to you-it was so hard for us when our baby was fussy. It turned out he had a neck injury from his birth we didn't know about. Once his neck was realigned he became an angel-hope yours ends with an angelic baby ASAP too!

  2. Oh good luck! My little girl was not what you would call a 'good natured' baby. she cried, a lot! It can be so exhausting for you, so remember things will get easier. I hope this medicine works for you and if he's refusing food it probably is. {{hugs}}

  3. aww I feel you! My son had acid reflux and colic really bad for about 6 months! It gets better and your not doing anything wrong! It is so normal. 1 in 3 babies get this!

  4. Good Luck; I hope that Previcid is the answer & you soon see only smiles & hear only laughter!

  5. Sometimes I felt like I wasn't let into the mommy club because everyone else knew what to do and I was a hot mess . . . but it turns out that everyone feels that way :-) Anyways, just want you to know that I'm praying for you guys - and I'm just down the road (at least for a few more weeks) if I can do anything to help!

  6. Oh girl I'm so sorry... I hope for your sanity (and Keating's happiness) that it is reflux so it can be fixed with some medicine!

    And yes, walking this week please :) Tuesday maybe? And SATC!

  7. I'm a medical assistant for a pediatric GI doc.... and it definitely sounds like reflux. I would encourage your doctor to either refer you to a pediactric GI or for them to send you to have an Upper GI. It will show if he has reflux and how bad it is.
    Another thing to check out... is he pooping everyday? Every baby that comes in with these symptoms usually has reflux or constipation or both. There's definitely so much that can be done to give your little man relief. If you get any test done, have them do a KUB also (abdominal xray) to make sure he isn't full of poop. (Sorry if that's too gross!)
    Feel free to email me if you have any questions! I don't know all the answers, but I've learned a lot dealing with it everyday!


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