Apparently I am a good singer...

because Keating cries every time I stop...

And I ASSURE you... I am not a good singer! He is quite the fan of Michael Buble, The Sound of Music, and anything else I can remember the words to!

He is particularly a fan of "Chickety China the Chinese Chicken"

I really wish everyone could see how ridiculous I look right about now!


  1. Love knows no tune! So sweet!

    "...you have a drumstick and..."

  2. Remember the 'Friends' when they sing "Baby Got Back"? Hey, whatever works! Thats my motto.

  3. Know what you mean! Tonight to get GG to stay calm during her bath I was dancing around and singing tunes from Disney's Imagination Movers. Hopefully our baby monitor wasn't interfering with the neighbors phone tonight...it wouldn't have been pretty!

  4. dont forget Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!


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