Back in Action!

Yep, Im still here! I have been busy lately with multitudes of things such as Keating, feeding my starving little beast, TRYING to keep my house clean (Im a crappy housewife!) and working on a few samples to revamp my etsy shop. I cant wait to show yall! I think I will do a giveaway! Stay tuned!
Life feels like it is finally returning to normal. Keating is sleeping 4-6 hour stretches at night. It is wonderful! He's still in the lamb chair.... but whatever works! He isnt ready for the crib at night yet, he likes being close to his mama! :)

Here he is chillin' on his play mat.

I cant believe he is almost 6 weeks old!

After much thought and prayer, Brad has decided to resign as Chief. We are ready to put all of this behind us and move on. We know there are much better things in store for us, and that this is all in God's will. We are trying to rent our house since it wont sell. Hopefully that happens soon!

Now onto some current events...I still cant believe these idiots are running our country... running it straight into the ground.

anddddd thats all I have to say about that!


  1. I just fell in love with a million times over bc of your Obama/Biden comment. And that baby is CA-UTE! ::i swear my uterus just twinged:: uh oh.

  2. Keating gives me major baby fever!!!! GL with Brad's job and I couldn't agree more with our current politics!! - mrs.forrister

  3. I really do read your blog, I'm just a horrible commenter! Your baby is just too precious! So, so cute! And I'm totally in agreement with you politically speaking! I'll also be thinking about your family as you deal with your husband's job situation - just have faith that it will all work out! :)

  4. i wanna steal mr. keating...but only when he lets me sleep =)

  5. We are renting our house for the same reason; I think that you will be shocked at how many renters there are in GA :) Good Luck.

    Keating is such a little cutie!!!

  6. ok he could not be any cuter! And I will be praying you get your house rented soon!

  7. "This is a big f'ing deal." Seriously?!

  8. Keating is precious in those pictures!

    Clap,Clap, Clap! Thats me clapping for what you said about the IDIOTS! It Scares me to death!

  9. Keating just gets more and more handsome every day!

    I'm happy to hear you and Brad have come to a decision. God will lead him in the right direction and give him a job even better than before.

    I've stopped watching tv just so I can pretend none of this is happening. Ignorant? Maybe. Lower blood pressure on a daily basis? Absolutely.

  10. He's still president?? I vowed to stop listening until he's gone. Let me know when that happens :) Oh and that would be the cutest baby eva!

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  12. I just found your blog, so cute!! And oh em gee, your baby is precious!

    I have to agree with you...how on earth was our country stupid enough to elect those morons???


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