Tacky Halloween

Last year I shared my parent's neighbor's Halloween decorations and they definitely did not disappoint this year! The left side of the house is a Sleepy Hollow/ Headless Horseman theme, the right side of the yard is Pirates of the Caribbean.

It looks like the a pirate version of the Last Supper. Complete with skeletons coming out of the "water"

I didn't want to get caught taking photos so I was hurrying... this one is a little blurry!

Just wait, their Christmas decorations are just as good!


A little bit of this... a little bit of that

I have been a bad blogger. There has been so little down time that it makes it impossible to sit in front of the computer, much less read your blogs or make a post that anyone other than my mom would want to read. (no offense mom) Also... my life is not that entertaining at the moment. Here is a tidbit of what we have been up to.

1. We have OFFICIALLY hit teething. One tooth has started to break the surface and I think I can feel/see 2 more. Overall he is handling it pretty well. If you are wondering if the teething necklace works... as crazy as I may sound, I think it does. When he has been wearing it, I don't notice much whining or see him bothered by pain. When he isn't wearing it, he wants to be held and nothing appeases him.

2. Brad has been working a TON. Basically the past two months straight. This weekend is his last crazy weekend event, and then I have my husband back! Maybe after this I will have more exciting things going on!

3. We did have one free day last week to spend as a family and we took Keating to the aquarium. We had never been, so it was a fun time for all of us. I will have to upload photos. Blue was really impressed with all of it.

4. Tomorrow I am going with my friend Michelle to the Country Living Fair. I have been DYING to go to this ever since I started reading Country Living years ago, but it was always in Ohio. Well this year it is in Georgia and I have to see what all of the fuss is about. I hope it is as great as I imagine it to be, if not, I will be thoroughly disappointed!

5. I know I talk about it a lot, but do y'all watch Vampire Diaries? The show is INSANE! LOVE. IT. The highlight of my weekly tv garbage.

6. We are in the process of refi-ing the home Brad grew up in. Then we are one step closer to having our home. There is SO much that we want to do to the house. I am excited to have a project soon!

7. I am SO tired of the Georgia governors race. I am tired of nasty political BS. It is really lose lose for us Georgians in my opinion. On one hand, we have a man that is accused of being corrupt and swindling money from the state in the past, and the other hand is a man who has already been our governor and almost ran the state into the ground. Awesome.

8. Hoping for a WIN this weekend against Kentucky, then we have about a 5% chance of being SEC champs. HAHA!

What are you up to this weekend?


Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago today, I was living one of the best days of my life! If you cant tell, it was my wedding day. We said our vows outside, surrounded by family and friends on the most PERFECT fall day. After the monsoon we had the day before, we were extremely grateful for the weather!

If I could use one word to describe my wedding... it would be memorable. We wanted everyone to feel at home. The theme was rustic and fall without being tacky or fall festival-ish.

Brad made his entrance to, "Just the Good Ol' Boys." I KID YOU NOT! I was COMPLETELY against this idea... COMPLETELY. I mean, wouldn't you be against it!? Finally we settled on an instrumental version... as if that was any better. While waiting in the tent above for my grand entrance, I hear JUST THE GOOD OL' BOYS BLASTING AT MY WEDDING. Hence, why everyone is laughing in the picture below. 1. it was NOT instrumental, and 2. it was SO LOUD! It was hard to be mad on my wedding day, and just seeing this picture shows me that it made Brad happy. (for some insane reason)

I'd say I'm a pretty lucky girl. I have an amazing husband that takes great care of his family.

Even though I rarely ever see him without a baseball hat on his head, I still love the man to death.

These pictures make me so happy, the day was everything I ever dreamed of. Cliche but true! I loved my dress, but it was so heavy it hurt my back. I will definitely keep that in mind next time I am wedding dress shopping! haha just kidding!

We took dance lessons and butchered them severely. Maybe we shouldn't have went out for bash night and beer at Wild Wings before our classes! haha! Oh well, this photo makes our dance look beautiful!

It truly was a fantastic day and has led to even times and more love than I ever thought my heard could hold. God willing we will have many many more anniversaries to come!! Cheers!


I believe...

I have been wanting to do this post for awhile. I have always loved the "I believe" section in Glamour magazine and when my friend Sally at Exploits of a Military Mama did one, I told her I was going to copy her idea! Since I am currently on an eight hour car ride, no better time than the present!

I believe that men should be gentlemen, opening doors, pulling out chairs and simple gestures that go a long way.

I believe in slobbery baby kisses.

I believe in grits. Not the acronym, the food.

I believe that good food and fellowship is good for the soul.

I believe in the sanctity of marriage and that it lasts forever.

I believe in traveling.

I believe red wine is good for my heart literally and figuratively.

I believe that fall is the best time of year.

I believe in seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

I believe in Georgia football... Even though it is an awful season.

I believe in prayer, forgiveness, redemption, and Jesus Christ.

I believe that giving is better than receiving.

I believe that blood is thicker than water and that in the end, family is all I've got.

I believe in date nights, and being sent flowers for no reason at all.

I believe in hand written thank you notes and letters. Getting something in the mail makes my day.

I believe that a picture can say a thousand words.


Dear Gap... you are making me CRAZY

Dear Gap, You are making me a crazy "show mom." At first I felt a little silly entering Keating into your Casting Call contest. I pictured myself turning into one of the crazy moms from "Toddlers and Tiaras" forcing him to tap dance and spray tan... only kidding! But how could I resist with a $1,000 Gap credit!?

I decided to chance it because, I think my son is pretty cute... maybe I am biased but who wouldn't think this face is precious!?
I know thousands of other people think their child is the cutest kid on earth, and therefore are voting like crazy......What is disappointing, is that your site WILL. NOT. WORK.

If you are going to host a contest as large as the Gap Casting Call... you need to get your act together and fix the website. How are people expected to vote if the site wont even pull up!? You are driving crazy show moms like myself NUTS! Please FIX IT!

If anyone reading this can happen to get the site to work, vote for Keating!



September in Reverse

I cant believe it is really October! September flew by for us!
Sorry for my absence, I have been spending all of my free time reading this little gem...
I wanted to finish it before the first of the movies comes out next month. It was QUITE good! Now I have much more time for blogging and reading your blogs.

We weren't all that busy in September, hence the lack of blogging material. But here is a peek at what we were up to.

We hit up the state fair for a few fun rides, some fair food, and LOTS of people watching!
Blue especially liked taking in the sights from up high! He loved everything about it, from the loud music to flashing lights. He stayed up WAY past his bedtime soaking it all in!

He also turned 7 months old.

He has learned to go from laying to sitting all on his own. I have also recently learned that he can now stand up in his crib. I nearly had a heart attack seeing him on the monitor the other day reaching over the railing. We lowered the mattress immediately!

He is starting to look like a little boy, not a baby anymore. That makes me a little sad that he is growing up so fast!

He is trying SO hard to crawl. It really frustrates him that he cant get all of the motions together. He can get one little scoot right now, but that's it. I hope he holds off a little while because I know he will be into EVERYTHING! He is such a nosey little digger! I really need to start baby proofing!

We also celebrated Brad's birthday in September. Blue and I surprised him with breakfast in bed... then I made it an official rule that when it is your birthday you get breakfast in bed. Mom's orders! If I don't get it on my next birthday I will be a little peeved! =) (Brad if you are reading this, then I suggest you go ahead and put the reminder in your phone now!)

October has so far been busy for us, and we have much more to come! I just love fall and the amazing weather we have been having! I hope it sticks around a while!