Photo fun!

Mama's little cowboy

John Wayne is a really good baby sitter!

Please dont use any of my photos without permission. Thanks!


Future lovers

The sweet Mrs. Foreste and Gianna came over yesterday for lunch and to meet Keating.
Of course we had to document the day they met because we are crazy obsessive bloggers and take way too many pictures of our kids. But also, because we want them to be buddies.

Keating was crying so Gianna was checking on him... she was quite intrigued!


Does this make me a bad mom???

After spending tons of time sanding, staining, and refinishing this old cradle...
Keating hates it. LOATHES. it.

It is fine for little afternoon naps, but as soon as the lights are out at night, he despises it.
He can be sound asleep with his little mouth hanging wide open and as soon as I lay him in it, he starts wailing!
We have tried everything. We used it rocking and stationary. We have had the mattress inclined and flat. We got sleep positioners and a heartbeat bear. We tried swaddled and unswaddled. Nada. Nothing. The kid hates it.
Instead, this is his bed of choice.

Thank the good Lord and Fisher Price for the Little Lamb vibrating seat. Seriously.
Does it make me a bad mom that Im letting him sleep in it? I mean, I dont think it matters where he sleeps as long as he sleeps. Right?!

It makes it better that he looks so cute and cozy in it!


Random thoughts

Little boys like to spray pee everywhere when you change them... I have now invested in the wee wee tee pee!
While changing Keating, my 4 year old niece observed that he had a "thumb" down there. Kids are hilarious!
I am so thankful for the spring like weather we have had this weekend. I hope it sticks around.
My house is a wreck, Ive been home for a week and cant manage to clean.... There's always next week right?!
Im already sad because I know my tiny baby wont stay tiny forever. I now understand the song "it wont be like this for long".
Speaking of tiny, my little guy doesnt fit in newborn clothes and I had to shrink a few pairs of preemie pants to fit. Who sizes these things?
Oh how Ive missed my Joes Jeans... now to work on fitting in my citizens! The delicious fudge my friend Missy in Pink brought over is surely not helping this cause!
People really freak out when you let your dog close to your baby. Why is this? Lola loves Keating!
I think I could be a stay at home mom forever. Too bad that isnt possible right now.
Today is my actual due date and its funny to think that Ive had a baby for over a week.


Talk about Perfect Timing

Last week when I was in labor... my little sister was getting engaged! We knew that her boyfriend was going to pop the question, and I felt bad that I was kind of stealing her thunder by having a baby in the middle of it. =) But what can you do!? Here are a few pictures of their engagement!
I think the fact that she has a gorgeous ring on her finger made her a little more "okay" that she missed Keating's birth!
He proposed in Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia. He had everything perfectly planned out and even hired a photographer to hide and take photos of everything. The photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Congrats Hannah and Elliot!!!!


Birth Story and Natural Labor Induction- Very Long

On Friday February 12th I woke up excited to start the day, my day of old wives tale labor inducing fun.
Im not sure if it is coincidental, or if one or all of these factors played a part in inducing my labor.
I started off with a little acupressure that a reader emailed me about (Thank you Jessica). I laid in bed squeezing the pressure points in between my thumb and forefinger before getting started on the day. An hour later my mom picked me up and we headed to the mall. We made a few returns and then walked around the entire mall making the necessary stops at Baby Gap and Gymboree. I didnt feel anything... just tired.
From there we went on our search for eggplant parmesan. The restaurant I planned on going to had closed the nearest location, so we drove to the other one, to find it didnt open until 4pm. We resulted in going to the sister restaurant which was delicious and had the same "famous" eggplant parmesan.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! Eggplant just doesnt sound appetizing!
We left the restaurant and headed for another mall to do a bit more walking and shopping. The weather channel had been threatening snow, but in Georgia we hardly ever see any so we just blew it off.
A few hours later my yard looked like this....
Some say that the lower pressure in a snow storm can bring women into labor, so this could have also played a part in it.
When the snow was actually on the ground, I decided I better stop with all of my labor inducing "tricks" since the roads would probably be freezing over night. Brad and I laid in bed and watched the opening olympic ceremonies and fell asleep around 11:30.
At 1:30 I woke up with bad stomach pains. It quickly went away and I tried to go back to sleep. About 10 minutes later I had another one. They were too strong to sleep through so I decided to get up and time them to see if there was any consistency to them. For the first hour they were very sporadic but pretty painful. I thought I was just being a big baby so I decided to go sit in a hot bath and keep timing them.
I snuck into the bathroom because I didnt want to wake up Brad (didnt want him to panic), and somehow ran a whole bath without him hearing. I spent the next 3 hours in the bath where my contractions went from 10-6 minutes apart.
At 6 minutes I thought I might ought to start getting ready to make my way to the hospital because the contractions obviously werent going away. I washed and dried my hair and went to add my blowdryer to my hospital bag. Brad heard me stirring around and asked me where I was going. I told him that I thought I should probably get ready to go to the hospital since I had been in labor the last 5 hours....
He JUMPED out of bed and started making a plan to get us there. He insisted we needed to leave right then (the reason I didnt tell him 5 hours before). He called every cop he knew on night duty to check the roads. All of the roads were frozen over, so at 5:30am we decided it probably was best to leave then.
What normally would have been a 10 minute drive was 25 minutes with the frozen roads. My contractions went from 6-4 minutes apart during the drive. I was so afraid I was going to end up giving birth on the side of the road.
We arrived at labor and delivery and they quickly put me into a holding room to check my progress. They left me there for 30 minutes while dealing with labor emergencies, apparently the low pressure sent lots of people into labor and one woman came in holding her baby that she had at home.
When they finally got around to me, I was 6 cm dilated and they had a room waiting for me. The Dr came in soon after to give me an epidural. At that point... I was in heaven. To all women that deliver naturally, my hats off to you! That was NOT for me.
I spent the morning G Chatting on my phone and waiting for labor to progress more. The epidural slowed my contractions so I was given pictocin to speed them back up. At 10am my Dr came in and told me that I was at 9cm and would probably have Keating within the next few hours. He came back at 11am and informed me that I was 10 cm dilated and I was going to start pushing around noon.
Brad was starting to get bored waiting for some action when we first arrived in our room.
11:30 came and my nurse had me start work on pushing. At that point Brad had been in the hall talking to my dad, so I told him he could stay out there for awhile. I didnt really want him seeing all that and he didnt really want to! I pushed for 30 minutes while watching in the mirror... something I thought I would NEVER do! But it helped see what I was actually doing since I was completely numb (thanks to my glorious epidural) Around 12 the Dr arrived and was surprised by my quick progress. We called in Brad for the last few exciting minutes and with 2 good pushes Keating Bradford came into the world.
When he came out he didnt get in a good first cry so he had to be put on CPAP and they had to suck out his lungs. It took 45 excrutiating (for me) minutes of working on him to get him breathing clear. All I wanted was to hold my baby in my arms.
Finally, he was ready to go and I got to officially meet Keating. It was love like I have never felt. The way he looked up at me just melted my heart. We spent the next minutes figuring out who he looked like (his dad, with my nose, chin and toes)
I cant imagine a baby more perfect!

For un-fun stuff: I had a 3rd degree episiotomy and a nice little hemi. These things have made the aftermath not so fun, but every day gets better. When I look at Keating it makes everything worth it.

And thats my birth story folks!


Introducing Keating Bradford!

February 13th, 2010
6 pounds 7 ounces 19.5 inches long

He is absolutely perfect and we are in love!
He is a clone of his daddy, just like I knew he would be. He did get my nose and chin though! =)

Such a sweet boy!


He's Here!!!!

Baby Keating is here!
Keating Bradford came into the world yesterday at 12:13 pm.
6lbs 7 ounces 19.5 inches long
He is absolutely PERFECT!
I will post more pictures and details soon!


Keating's Nursery Reveal!!!!!

Its finally DONE! Hopefully just in the nick of time!
If you missed my first reveal about the bedding and curtains check it out here!

A lamplight view of the changing table with Keating's stuffed "Jasper" dog... yes the dog is wearing a tiny UGA hat!

The banner was made by my friend Michelle for Keating's baby shower. It goes perfectly in the room!

I made this print in photoshop and stuck it in a $3 clearance frame from Target! Score! The stars are from Hobby Lobby

A view of the changing table. The basket I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby and it was natural colored. I gave it a bit of black spray paint. I now realize that the basket is a little lopsided... probably why it was on clearance! haha!

The lamp is from a local florist and was a gift from my aunt.

I needed a laundry hamper and had this old one from college. I made a new liner for it with the cowboy material. I think it turned out pretty decent! Cant beat getting something for free!

A closeup of the liner

This view of the room is still a little "unfinished" Where the barn star is I play to put pictures of him once he gets here! The barn star used to be in our guest room and was green. The green didnt match well so I painted it with a little cream latex paint and accented it with Ralph Lauren glaze. Once again, cant beat using something I already had!

Onto the chair...

This chair was a total steal!!! I was randomly browsing craigslist one Saturday morning and found the listing for this glider. $75 dollars! Luckily I was the first person to contact the seller and she said it was mine! It was listed as "light green" but it kind of changes colors in different lights. Its mostly a neutral tan color. The seller had people emailing her offering her more $$ for it, but thankfully she was honest and saved it for me since I was first!

Next to the chair is my little ottoman. I needed something to sit things on or to prop my feet up on, and couldnt find anything that fit. I ended up buying a $19 microsuede square "ottoman" from Target. It was black, which wasnt bad, but Im not a huge fan of microsuede.

I decided to sew a cover for it out of the remainder of the polka dot fabric I had from the bedding. The ivory in the fabric was way too bright so I tea dyed it. Making the actual cover was really easy. Just a bunch of squares sewed together!

Lola wanted to model it!

Above the chair is this precious print from my friend Kristi. It is one of my most favorite things in the whole nursery! Even though she is a GA Tech fan, she still found it in her to buy this awesome UGA print! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I think I still need to hang it up instead of sitting it on the ledge.

A little closet view. I think its funny how the clothes grow longer towards the right!

The book shelf is from the scratch and dent section in Ikea. $25 bucks! There is a little scratch on the side, and you cant see it when its in the closet!

Hanging on the closet door is this awesome diaper wreath made by my friend Noelle! If you cant tell, it has tiny little cowboy boots on it!

Just a random little iron sign I found at Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby and I are pretty tight!

One last look at the whole room!


Pregnant Barbie

I remember playing Barbies when I was little.
We did mean things to our Barbies...
Cut their hair, switched their heads, pulled off their legs...
the list goes on.

Poor Barbie, Now I know how she feels.

I feel like someone has stretched my legs past their breaking point. You know when Barbies legs made the "click click click" sound? Or you just popped her legs right off?

That's me right now. If it weren't for this ailment, I would still be fine and dandy and not obsessing over naturally inducing labor this weekend!

Thank you to all who offered suggestions and emailed me! I really appreciate it! I think tomorrow is going to go a little like this.

Wake up- walk (if its not snowing) - massage all acupressure spots in hands and legs - go to lunch for eggplant parm- walk the mall - come home and bounce on exercise ball - more acupressure - spicy dinner - a little "roll in the hay" as my mother in law put it...
Eww. Talk about awkward!

If that doesnt work, I plan to try it all again on Saturday! =)

Wish me luck!!!


Inducing labor? The old fashioned way??

So I have been giving Keating pep talks.

Yep, Ive kinda lost it!

I told him that this weekend would be a wonderful time for him to make his appearance. He knows that we are excited to meet him, as is his furry sister Lola.

Lola has taken it upon herself to make sure everything is ready for Keating's arrival.
She has been very busy inspecting his toys... (aka trying to steal them)

She even went as far as to check out the car seat and make sure its safe enough!

And she has been enjoying spending a little quality time with her dad.
Lola would love it if her brother came to meet her this weekend.
I mean, how could anyone say no to this face!? =)

So what do you suggest to start labor?

A bumpy road?
Spicy food?
A long walk?
A little bow chicka wow wow?

Let me know! I'm going to attempt it all this weekend!


38 weeks! Ready to BURST!

38 weeks!
*How far along?: 38 weeks!

*Total weight gain?: 22 lbs

*How big is baby?: 6-7 pounds maybe...hopefully?

*Sex: BOY!

*Maternity clothes: affirmative! Ive been literally dreaming of my old jeans!

*Stretch marks: Nope! Dont fail on me now Mama Mio!

*Sleep: iffy

*Best moment this week: My baby shower with my oldest friends

*Movement: Yes, but its a lot more constricted. I think he has officially run out of room!

*Food cravings: Lots of carbs. Bagels, granola bars, and chocolate!

*Labor signs: Braxton Hicks Contractions and miserable pelvic pain

*Belly button in or out: out. I hope it goes back to normal afterwards!

*What I miss: Too long to list!

*What I'm looking forward to: This friday I am starting all of the old wivestale labor inducing tricks. Eggplant parmesan, walking the block, spicy food... whatever!

Any suggestions!?!?!?

Here are a few baby shower pics!

The difference 5 months makes!

A cute little St. Patty's day outfit!
Me and LaneThats all the photos that I looked cute in... therefore all that Im sharing! =)


Takin' it easy!

How lame am I? Im sitting at home on a Saturday night watching Toddlers and Tiaras... in complete astonishment I might add. I've somehow missed out on this show up until tonight.
Let me just say... it's a "legal" form of child abuse.
These women are nuts and the complexes and issues they are passing on to these tiny little girls will last a lifetime. Pushing your 4 year old daughter to dance sexy in a beauty pageant, much less on a TV show (who knows how many perverts watch this show)... Gosh, its just disgusting. Giving preschoolers spray tans, false eyelashes, fake nails, swimwear compeitions...and the way they make them to look 25... its disgusting.

And I thought cheerleading moms were crazy!?
Makes me so relieved that I'm having a boy!

I've been spending the past few days taking it easy. Each day I feel like Keating is getting a little closer to his arrival. Who knows, this time next week I could have an outside baby!!! SO CRAZY!
I have done a little it of sewing lately. I wanted a few burp cloths to match my awesome Kate Spade diaper bag (which was a great gift from my sister and sister in law!) I cant wait to use it!

I also made these for a friend. Girly prints are so much fun!

I hope everyone has a great superbowl sunday!