Not Pregnant, MILK??, and a Tour of Homes.

For those that may have been a little confused about my last post... No I'm not pregnant. I had a few people ask me, and after seeing the title followed by a picture I took last year pregnant, I can easily see why people thought so. I assure you that is not the case.

Speaking of babies though... I have milk again. WTH?! I stopped breast feeding over 6 months ago! Sure enough, the other night I noticed milk. It is a really weird discovery, when its not associated with feeding an infant. I'm sure you are wondering why I am randomly telling y'all this... well its a bizarre side effect that not a lot of people get after getting a breast augmentation.

Just my sweet luck!

Now I get to ace bandage my boobs down to get the milk to stop producing. Fun stuff. I guess that does answer my question about being able to breast feed after surgery though! Just didn't think I would be dealing with that so soon.

On to other business, when is a baby supposed to get their first haircut? Someone told me you wait until they are a year old? I have been giving Keating little trims here and there, but he needs a real hair cut. He is starting to have a bowl cut, a la Lloyd Christmas.And speaking of Christmas, this past weekend I went with my friend Michelle and her family to our local Tour of Homes. It was wonderful, for the most part. There were a few houses that weren't quite our style, but there were a few that we got great ideas from.

This house had great architecture, awful decorating. I really have no words to describe it. Okay maybe a few... Gaudy, tacky, cluttered, dated (80's), overkill, busy, overwhelming, just to name a few. We were very disappointed that the decor took away from the history and craftsmanship of this home.

Michelle and me waiting to get in a house. It was quite crowded.

All of the houses had great Christmas decorating ideas, I cant wait to use a few of them next year!
I don't have many pictures of the insides of the houses because I wasn't technically "allowed" to take photos... but I did anyways without my flash. Sadly, some turned out rather blurry.

This home wasn't on the tour, but I couldn't help but to get a pic of the real garland hung on the porch. So pretty.

The next few pictures are from my favorite house of the tour. It is actually going to be in the next Better Homes and Gardens remodel issue.

I love how they used the fake snow on the mailbox, a great idea for us Southerners that don't ever get a White Christmas!
One of my favorite details of the day. A very interesting way to collage all of your wedding mementos and photos.

This house also had a precious nursery for their twins. I adored the curtains because of my much known love for hounds tooth. I am also planning on doing similar curtains in Keating's room {Except they will probably be DIY}
The dining room was gorgeous. I loved the wood high chair so much in the back, that I went out and found one at Goodwill yesterday!

I also haven't mentioned it here, but I have been DYING for an old church pew for my house. Seeing this made me want one even more!

I adored the red screened door at this house. I am trying to think if I would have any use for a red screened door, but I cant think of anything.

Cute details everywhere

A few houses even had little play houses and guest cottages in the backyard. I'm thinking I am going to need a guest cottage! HAHA

Well, that was the highlight of my weekend. I hope everyone had a great safe weekend!


  1. That's the Archibald House, Right?!? I live in Smyrna! Funny!

    Sorry about the ace bandages! I am sure that was quite the surprise!

  2. OMG I almost died laughing about "Lloyd Christmas" because we are going through the same thing. Our son wll be 1 in January and I dont think i can hold out till then. I really wanted a more "clean cut" look on him for holiday pics .....but i think that 1 year thing is in a lot of cultures ...some say the baby's hair wont be nice if you cut it too soon....or they says its bad luck. Our culture says that and my sons dad wants me to wait but ive been begging him lately to cute his hair!

  3. BTW Im so jealous as i want BOOBS! LOL

  4. I have never heard of Touring Homes, what a neat idea! I really love the look of the dining room in your picture & the bench looks awesome! Good luck with your search for one! Also.. Lloyd Christmas may be funny, but I am not sure you want him as a hairstyle influence! :)

  5. those houndstooth curtains are TO. DIE. FOR.

  6. Love those curtains! Some of the houses have some beautiful little details! Definitely great ideas for the future.

    And the milk...hmmm..I would have NEVER guessed that! Good to know though!


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